2013 Korean Grand Prix: Preview

The joys of being F1 fan strikes again for many across the country, as waking up stupidly early for three days in a row comes round for the first time since China.

The Korean Grand Prix takes place this weekend at the not-so-world renowned Korea International Circuit at Yeongam.

The race has been held three previous times, with two winners: Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso (it probably would have been a hat-trick for Vettel had his car not gone up in flames).

And Vettel will likely carry on his success in Korea. It’s normally at this stage of the season he dominates to win or secure his title and there is no reason why this can’t happen again.

Of course, as with Formula One these days, tyres will be a dominant aspect of the race. Pirelli is bringing its medium (prime) and supersoft (option) tyres for the race.

Pirelli said, in its press release preview: ‘Just like the previous race under the lights of Singapore, the P Zero White medium and P Zero Red supersoft compounds have been nominated for the Korean Grand Prix: but this is a circuit that is very different in character.

Yeongam, close to Mokpo, to the south of the country, contains a bit of everything: from fast corners to slower and more technical sections. Having made its grand prix debut in 2010, the 5.615-kilometre track is run anti-clockwise which is no problem for the tyres, but is sometimes a source of strain the drivers’ neck muscles.

The Korea International Circuit is rarely used outside of the grand prix, so there is usually a high degree of track evolution over the course of the weekend.

The combination of medium and supersoft, used for the fourth time this year, is designed to maximize speed in qualifying yet at the same time guarantee a high level of durability for the race, which offers plenty of opportunity for strategy.’


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